What Is an Event Planner?


The event creation is more complex than to organize simple parties!

An event planner should focus on the rationale and objectives of the event to ensure a flawless realization, with positive and concrete profits for the host in question. The idea is to ensure that the total monetary investment will be a carrier and truly meets its goals. The real work lies in all the micro-details to manage before, during and after the event.

If you already had organized a big family gathering, you know how much more time we manage and worry about the event than enjoying it. You should know that the challenges only increase in corporate event management due to their complexity and the importance of their cost and their issues. It is therefore important to give them the critical attention they require to ensure their success.

An event agency can facilitate this process, making it less expensive and immensely more pleasant. They do even more than you think and have generally services packages for most budgets.

At OPC, our project managers and our event coordinators can also offer a personalized package deal for our customers’ needs or assumes certain aspects well targeted at an event to help its host.

Here is a general idea of what we can do, presented in nine services.


Consultation and Advisory Role

We just put you in charge of organizing an event and you don’t know how to do? You didn’t have to think about all these aspects before calling us! Our team will be happy to brainstorm your initial ideas considering your objectives to offer you innovative and unique ideas to your brand, integrated into your business strategy. OPC may even conduct a market analysis by studying similar events to help you outperform your competition. Our employees will be able to help you define your budget and allocate the correct amounts to the various budget lines according to your needs as well as to find an interesting theme that can bring your event still further.

Event Logistics

A good event planner needs to become your single contact by ensuring the connection with all the other stakeholders involved. This would simplify your task so that you can spend moments of quality with your guests.

Ahead of the event, our team will make sure to prepare and establish work schedules, to perform financial and budgetary management, to write the scenarios of operations and to search and manage all the required suppliers to meet all your needs, from the food to the technical needs.

Speakers Management

OPC may suggest topics and speakers in connection with the chosen theme, ensuring continuity and consistency in your content. Our team can advise you on the stream of presentations and conceptualize the schedule. We ensure a follow-up to recover documentation of each presenter, confirm their specific needs and collect the necessary permission. We have also developed an expertise in program design conferences and specialized workshops to really engage your guests, ensuring the understanding of the key messages delivered.

 Exhibits Management

Our team can offer a service suitable for all kinds of events, be it an international showroom or a more modest event intend to a targeted customer. We can manage your exhibitors in order to get their details and their needs, assist them to meet their specific needs, create them a scenario of conduct and produce your exhibitor guide.

Partners and Sponsors Management

The sponsors and partners are at the heart of the success of several events. Therefore, it is essential to ensure a quality and personalized management and follow-up with the latter. OPC may support you in this management by establishing and producing custom-made partnerships and strategic action plans, through the follow-up to the signatures on contracts and managing the special needs of the partners and VIP guests as much as in upstream of the event that on location.

 Conceptualization and Atmosphere Creation

Each event requires a dose of creativity, and our team excels in artistic direction. We are happy to design your spaces and create unforgettable experiences. We have a wide range of partners that will give this important added value to your event by transporting your guests in stunning settings. Over the years we have really learned to work with all kinds of budgets!

Registration Management

Registration is one of the first contacts with an event’s participants, and the quality of the experience at this moment can greatly influence their assessment. From the design of the registration to the reception desk, our team will ensure to surround your guests and to offer them a warm, simple and effective welcome, as if they were our own guests! We will also produce reports for registrations and sales, the name to use on site and manage your databases.

 Event Communications

OPC knows that an event must live before, during and after deployment. Our employees can provide strategic communication plans to draw the number of guests you want to attend your event, to provide them with the information necessary for their participation and allow them to connect with each other during and after the course of the event. Following the function, we can share with them a memorable token of their participation and inform them about future editions by official communications or through social media. We are used to working with graphic design teams and know the best Quebecers promotional tool producers.

Matchmaking Platform

Networking is one of the primary reasons why an individual decides to register for an event. OPC can offer you an accelerating service for business networking with a secure technological networking platform allowing participants to plan one on one meetings with potential partners, even before arriving on the site of your event. Our solution differs from those of the competition as we also offer a fast technical support, at any time!


As can be seen, organizing a large-scale corporate event requires a lot of work and it’s easy to forget important components when there is a lack of time, help or experience. Feel free to call trusty professionals to organize an event without hitch and noteworthy!