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Attendees raise a glass at corporate event

OPC Événements has 20 years of strong experience in event management services. Therefore, we believe events are the perfect way to bridge the gap between brands and customers. Our dedicated team offers many packages to suit the requirements of individual clients to corporates. Our agency provides a wide range of services to meet the needs of our clients. Participants are always impressed by creative concepts, inclusive services, attention to details, coordination of logistics, and eye-catching presentations.

Our Expertise

Our events team is composed of seasoned event planners who are passionate about making a significant and lasting impact with their creativity.

With exceptional skills in organizing, planning and communicating, we strive to deliver meaningful messages to bond our client objectives and audience. From building concepts, and planning production, our team ensures that no detail is overlooked.

Thanks to being members of many professional associations, we can stay up-to-date with the latest movement in the industry. Besides, having a strong relationship with event management companies, we can tailor your requests or connect sponsorship programs.

Our Services

We offer a variety of event management services in Canada. These include corporate events, online conferences, and special events. We take care of logistics, including venue selection, catering solutions (catering staff, catering quote, etc.), accommodation management, suppliers management and entertainment:

  1. Corporate Event Management Services: To optimize brand awareness, we offer concept consultation, venue selection, logistics, event budget management, guest speakers and more.
  2. Exhibit Management: We can help you with organizing displays, signage, and managing trade shows. We specialize in shows of all sizes, from large ones with hundreds of vendors to smaller shows for a targeted clientele.
  3. Campaign Communication: We strongly believe that any campaign should be built with clear goals in mind. That’s why our event strategist will develop concise communication strategies and approaches, working in collaboration with specialized communication agencies, to assist you in achieving your goals.
  4. Set-up Registration Management: In our opinion, online registration or in person is one of the first aspects of attendee management. So, it is very important to impress event attendees with a warm, simple and appreciated welcome on the day of registration.
  5. Virtual Conference Management: Making webinars or online conferences interactive and enjoyable is not easy. So, our experts will help you define the objectives, and set up suitable facilities for your virtual campaign.

Ensuring your prospective sponsor will worth be worthwhile, our event organizer will associate with you at the beginning. With constant logistical support from our partners, we can assist any facilities to prepare for your campaign. Our team will also suggest a realistic schedule, along with a practical event budget and material planning.

If you are planning your upcoming events, do not hesitate to refer to our current services.

What Clients Talked About Us?

After 20 years of strong experience, we have successfully managed many events for various industries and businesses. Certainly, our clients’ statements are the best evidence to speak for our expertise. We have a track record of delivering successful events for a range of clients.