Proposal Management System

The success of any conference depends largely on the quality of its speakers and presentations. OPC will facilitate the management of the call for proposals and the management of selected presenters. The call for proposal management tool will allow you to create a personalized form for your authors in a few minutes, which can include titles, summaries, documents, attachments, presentation types. This tool will also allow the management by an expert committee of the various proposals received in order to make the adequate selection.

Our agency therefore offers the following services:

– An online call management system offering the following features:

      • online submission of abstracts
      • integration of themes and categories
      • follow-up with the authors (confirmation of receipt and acceptance, suggested modification, etc.)
      • assignment of reviewers
      • online review including constant monitoring of the work of reviewers (summaries to be reviewed, compilation of notes, follow-ups, etc.)
      • assigning sessions and managing the program format
      • integration of summaries in the timetable
      • programming and consultation of online summaries (calendar, themes and subjects, session description, consultation of summaries, etc.)

– System maintenance and management

– User training and technical support

– Management and follow-up of presenters, including:

      • monitoring of the collection of summaries
      • written confirmation following the acceptance or refusal of the presenters
      • instructions and follow-up for the pre-registration of presenters
      • technical follow-up with the presenters.