The Importance of Having a Good Facilitator at Your Event

Being a facilitator (MC) is not an easy task! Indeed, delivering a live performance in front of a large audience requires many qualities and skills resulting from years of experience to develop. On the other hand, event management often requires months of laborious preparations for a final product that have a very short life – ranging from hours to a few days, at most.

In short, the choice of the host is not a component to ignore as it represents the common thread of an event. It is he who will be responsible for distributing the right to speak, to create links between the various stakeholders, to pass some key messages, highlight sponsors, or even to improve the image of the host company of the event in question. It is the guarantor of the rhythm and he must “energize” the event, respecting the vision desired by the organization. He should have a strong self-confidence, be bold, being informed on the subject, eloquent being, with dynamism and, to the extent possible, have a sense of humor and quick wit.

An event facilitator can carry his audience on an intellectual and emotional journey to drive them to a new place, a position of perspective. Of course, with a short-lived presence, it is not realistic to expect that the host can address long-standing issues facing the company. However, thanks to his temporary authority, he is the best vehicle to incite the audience’s engagement and stimulate them to take action.

The thing is, a reputable host will attract more participants to your event and could encourage the continued attention of your guests, but, this choice will also considerably increase the expectations of your audience. A less-known facilitator could equally impress the audience and deliver excellent results.  Therefore, it is important to ask yourself the right questions in order to find the best person to fill this critical position.

An event organizer can help customers find the perfect host for their needs. Here is how to find the rare find.


Advocating a Perfect Match

 Before stepping on a choice for the animation of the event, you have to know whom you’ll be addressing. Indeed, how to lead a conversation with high-level athletes may differ to a cohort of scientists. The tone of the facilitator should resonate with the audience.

Facilitators came from all horizons with a range of experiences, and expertise suited to each of them. It is therefore important once your audience well defined, to understand the message that the event wants to convey. If an event is designed to help a company going green, a facilitator working for an ultra-polluting company would be a highly critical choice. To make sure to opt for the best alternative, the demands and expectations of the customer must be very well documented.

As an event agency, it is important to ensure that the customer informs the host of the moments experienced by some members of the audience in the course of the year, for “inside jokes” community focused, etc. Note this information will allow the facilitator to develop a strong connection with his audience as the latter will feel more involved in the exchange. In fact, a powerful facilitator usually has an ease to juggle and significant relationships between various topics.


Find the Perfect Guarantor of Rhythm

 Some events tolerate more lengths than others. One can think of the awards, debates, etc. These types of events require a host with a good command of the rhythm to politely bring stakeholders into the heart of the matter, to give up the right to speak or to crack a joke to invigorate the audience, if needed. It is not necessary for a host to be a renowned comedian, but it is important to engage with your target audience. His speech should contain questions and thoughtful interactions.

The event’s opening should especially capture the attention of your audience and set the tone for the day by summarizing the upcoming program. The after-meal periods should engage the audience with dynamism to revive participation. The event’s closing must gather the day’s significant messages and tap into occasionally held exchanges, which requires skills in improvisation and synthesis of complex information.


Respect Your Budget

While considering the audience and the client’s needs, the event planner must ensure that the choice of the hosts is within budget. Requested fees, one host to another, fluctuate enormously, and the latter rarely takes into account the costs of food and accommodation. It is also possible that some have particular requirements to enforce to deliver their performance. It is important to be on the lookout for these requirements in advance to ensure a flawless unwinding.

Although some well-known animators ask higher prices, it is always possible to negotiate in the event that the two parties may benefit. Consider the following issues: your event is recognized for treating its employees well? Is your event offering an opportunity to exhibit the expertise of the host to its ideal customer base? Is the event being in an interesting place, near the host great potential audience?

In short, the relevance of an event compared to the expertise of a host and the opportunity to develop better business opportunities can be an interesting means of negotiations for him. Be alert!


Have Clear Expectations

 A customer must be clear regarding its demands towards the host to ensure that he could handle them. If the customer wants the facilitator for a session of meetings, accompany the delegates for lunch, etc., cards must be put on the table from the outset. These additional activities are a great opportunity to take advantage of the speaker to get maximum impact with the public. However, you should ensure that they are suitable for both parties. If the ideal speaker cannot meet these requirements, reevaluate your goals to a more realistic level, or find another host that could really deliver the event that you want. By establishing clear goals, you’ll ensure that your needs are met.

Take the time to do a validation call before making your final choice. Review all the details. Ask questions and make sure that the chosen facilitator in the running will be able to raise your event to its desired level.

In conclusion, choose the right host for your event is not as simple as to stop on the celebrity of the moment. There are a strategy and a process to make sure to have the right person to achieve the objectives of your event. By following this process, you put all the chances on your side to choose an exceptional facilitator who will have a positive impact on your audience, your ticket sales, and your retention rate!


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