5 Blogs to Follow for Event Enthusiasts

As event planner, even after several years of experience, it is necessary to learn about new trends and to learn about the latest technologies available. There are several ways to get there: by carrying out vigils of organized events by others on the internet, by reading books on the subject, by attending new events to experience like the participant or even, by surfing events specialized websites. So we share with you our favourite blogs to inspire you and get you up-to-date about with the latest developments in the zeitgeist the events.


Biz Bash: www.bizbash.com

 Biz Bash mission is to inspire event professionals by suggesting ideas and resources for creating events always more interesting and efficient. The site is recognized as the best source of ideas, news and resources on the subject in North America with more than 225,000 users monthly.

Biz Bash also organizes annual events in several large cities of the United States and Canada to provide unique experiences to the interested industry professionals. During these events, many important decision makers of the most innovating and most influential companies come together to collaborate, network, discover and be inspired. Most popular suppliers meet to present their products and services to help event planner visitors with their future activations for their fairs, galas, etc.

 The company also has a popular monthly podcast on events named GatherGeeks – it definitely is worth a visit!

This site is very well built to search for specific ideas by event types (premieres, public events, etc.) or by topics (event technologies, security, etc.). You will find a wide range of inspiring images that will help you to surpass yourself for your next productions.


Special Events: www.specialevents.com

 Special Events is a pleasant site to surf. The Event Tools tab is particularly useful for discovering new products for the management of special events. A simple visit will suffice for you to discover many useful applications to perform better during the organization of future events; whether it is to surpass yourself regarding eco-responsibility thanks to tools like Whole Earth Calculator or to amaze your guests with special effects like those offered by BubbleWorks.

Their blog is also very well written and is really current. You can find several interesting articles about hot topics, like: how to apply the event museology concept to events to gamifying them, how to ensure the delivery of security-conscious music festival following recent thwarted events, etc. It is also possible to subscribe to their print magazine or digizine. Also, their newsletter is free, enjoy!


Smart Meetings: www.smartmeetings.com

 Smart Meetings is the third American blog of our list. However, it turns out an interesting choice if, for example, you are an event coordinator who operates at the international level. Indeed, the Venues Tab suggest several attractive places options for congress that can be held anywhere in the world!

“Smart Meetings TV” is another interesting option proposed by the site that allows viewing of a myriad of very engaging short videos on the latest trends in the industry. The Technology tab will give you a vast number of ideas of applications and gadgets that can be useful in your future productions.


Event MB: www.eventmanagerblog.com/

 Event MB was launched in April 2007 by Julius Solaris, international speaker, author and former social media consultant for several famous brands.

This site is particularly interesting for its publications of trends reports on the current year and their predictions for the coming years. The annual report 10 Event Trends is a real gem.  The site offers several free publications such as Good Event Registration Guide (an ebook with a collection of 123 applications and an unprecedented analysis of their prices), Social Media for Events (an ebook on the use of social media in events), Engaging Events (an ebook on the technology of on-line interaction at various events), and The Event App Bible (a review of the event mobile applications).  Event MB is also the manager of the Event Planning & Management LinkedIn group on LinkedIn, the largest community of events professionals with more than 360,000 members so far!


Convene: www.pcmaconvene.org

Since 1986, Convene magazine is one of the leading publications for events companies. This awards-winning publication was also known as the best publication in the industry in terms of content, according to an independent survey conducted by the Watkins Research Group in 2012. The blog is simply an extension of the content of the magazine.


The Logistics tab is splendid and will give you many advices on new tendencies to save money in the course of your future events, to take the green path efficiently, to reinvent exhibits, etc.


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