Summer Team Building Activities

Numerous studies in the field of management have proven beyond a doubt that happy employees have below-average absenteeism rates and are more productive. What’s more, according to several surveys, a strong sense of belonging to a team remains one of the key elements related to job satisfaction. For a company to develop such cohesion, team building activities can be beneficial. Summer is a season particularly well-suited for organizing this type of events.

With this in mind, our event planners thought of some suggestions for activities that will lead a work team to perfect adequacy!


An orientation course in the city – Outdoor cooperation game

Orienteering and treasure hunts are great ways to create cohesive teamwork while allowing candidates to experience the city in which they work in a whole new light. At every stage of the game, participants will collaborate to find various clues that will lead them to the next rendezvous point. This fun activity will be appreciated by everyone!

A quick search on the web will reveal that many companies organize this kind of corporate activity. Notably, Avacture in Quebec City, or À la loupe in Montréal.

Have a good hunt!

Sumo soccer – Sports activity

Do you manage a team that likes to move? Organize a friendly sports competition! To ensure the pleasure of all, forget all the classic rules and opt for something out of the ordinary: sumo soccer!

Donning giant bubbles, players of both teams will compete in a completely crazy soccer game. The company Sumo Soccer offers this activity and serves a territory that stretches from Halifax to Toronto. A guaranteed laugh!


Raft construction – Aquatic activity

Team Building Montréal organizes an interesting activity during which the participants compete in a friendly competition to win various pieces for the construction of a raft. You guessed it, the activity starts on one shore and ends on another. Thrills guaranteed!

Outdoor lunch – Gourmet activity

Get out of the office for an afternoon and go for a picnic with your colleagues. Montreal is full of beautiful places to explore, from Mount Royal Park to Île Sainte-Hélène. Simply pack a portable barbecue, a summer cocktail and a good playlist; nobody could resist such pleasures!

If you can afford to get away from the city, you could have a lovely picnic in a lavender field or in a splendid orchard.

Serve food – Humanitarian activities

Do some good together, it brings you closer! The Popotte roulante and Moisson Montreal allow work teams to take part in their volunteer mission. In small groups of three to six people, your employees can help prepare and distribute meals to the poor. Go ahead, use your talents to make a huge difference in the lives of the people who need them, you’ll get a real sense of accomplishment!


Escape Game – Indoor Cooperation Game

This year, Mother Nature spoiled us with beautiful weather. However, as an event agency, we know that it is important to plan activities that will run smoothly in all kinds of weather conditions.

Currently quite popular, escape games are an ideal solution.

Immersed in a theme of your choosing, players must discover clues and solve puzzles of varying complexity to get out of a dead end within a given time limit. If these players work well as a team and solve all the challenges they face, they will find solutions in order to escape. By creating a sense of urgency among the participants, this type of totally immersive activity definitely encourages the development of a strong team spirit.


Of course, these activities can be combined for even more fun!

Moreover, our event coordinators remark that while it is important to get out of the office for activities that build strong work relationships and motivate your employees, it is equally important to organize formal and regular team meetings to remind people of the company’s values, the objectives of the team, the expected behaviours and the roles of each. In short, why not combine business with pleasure in your next team building activity?


Have a good summer!