The Importance of the Theme in Event Planning

Nowadays, people have increasingly high expectations of the events to which they are invited. Guests want to be entertained; they want unique experiences and memorable events. The choice of a theme for the event management can definitely act as a catalyst for success. Therefore, given how important it is.

Themes Ensure a Cohesive Unit

As an event organizer, it is fundamental to propose a well-thought-out theme to anchor your communication, whether for an annual meeting, an inauguration, a launch, a trade show, a gala, etc. A theme should reflect the objectives of an event and unify them. It must reflect the purpose of the event and embody the brand of its host.

A theme directs the preparation of an event while allowing participants to identify a means of communication. This anchor points of communication will help to deliver quality information in a goal known by all, for goals shared by all while attracting the target audience and its best partners. With a theme that is appreciated and understood, an event planner is more easily able to convey a message that will reach its audience and reason with the latter.

Regardless, for all these reasons, the use of a theme is not only useful for events that are intended first to entertain, but is also good for corporate events that aim to inform and train. By the topic, the companies want to strengthen the feeling of belonging and develop content around their brand.

A theme also lets you make better choices regarding communication tools and media by helping to better target its needs, which often translates into an interesting money saving.


Themes Create Buzz

A well-chosen theme can generate a buzz for your corporate or social event. Indeed, when communications and event activities are adapted to the needs and objectives of its guests, they are more likely to promote them in their own social circles. This can greatly help your promotional marketing efforts!

Use accessories that are interesting to encourage your guests in engaging and interacting with your theme. Original backdrops for nice pictures, custom photo booth or structures designed specifically for your theme can greatly promote social sharing during the event and ensure audience growth for a future edition. Do not underestimate the miracles Instagram can generate! Also, choose an original and coherent hashtag.

If you have ever attended a themed party, you know the enthusiasm and fun such a celebration can provide. Remember that this is no different for a business event. So take advantage of the benefits of Word-of-mouth!


Themes Help With the Guest’s Focus

Themes are not only used to determine the initial tone of an event, they can also remind the objectives of an encounter throughout its course.

Indeed, your theme should influence virtually every part of your event space: the logo, communication media, direction signs, food, beverages, etc.

Opt for a logo with a strong visual identity and a color scheme that stands out and decline that easily with your tools to your different points of contact with your audience. The aim is to recall the objectives of your event to your audience everywhere they look.

In addition to making life easier for event organizers and guests, themes can also greatly help speakers and facilitators to better understand the audience and its real needs and, thus, know how to mobilize. A theme is a guide for a speaker to speak the same language as his audience and helps him understand the concerns and objectives of participants in relation to their industry.


In Conclusion

A theme is not only the creative passion of an event agency. It allows to convey the objectives of an event in a playful way and ensures that participants gather around a common idea. A carefully chosen theme facilitates networking, learning and can even achieve the revenue you want for a fundraiser. The theme allows to summarize in a few words the objectives of your event and pick up quickly the attention of your audience target.

Now that you know all the benefits of an event theme, will you give yourself time to find one that will suit your next event? If you need the helping hand of an event agency in Montreal, we are here for you!

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