In 2019, Reinvent Your Conference-Events!


Conference is one of the most popular event among business people. However, it is not because the demand for this type of event remains important that its success be even guaranteed.

Indeed, event companies recognize the change in mentality among today’s participants. They have new expectations. Traditional conferences no longer work.


We live in the era of instant gratification, and our events must reflect this new ideology.

They must be paced, interesting and recognize and meet the various needs of each participant.

To create such events is not an easy task, but by following some recommendations, it is possible to get there!


Have a Clear Picture of Your Event

Event planners know that the most important decisions are often made at the beginning of the process of organizing. At this time, it is important to define the big ideas you want to communicate and to ensure that each added detail corresponds to the general idea. Over the months, details can change. The overall vision should remain.  Find the Ideal Space Abandon typical hotel conference rooms if you can! Today’s innovative companies have completely transformed their workspaces to please and attract the best players of the younger generation. Event spaces must follow this trend.  Explore unusual places, such as museums, warehouses, vineyards, provincial parks, and lofts.  A good event creation feeds itself from unconventional ideas. Talented event coordinators have the ability to drop “which is supposed to be done” to explore new avenues.

An interesting exercise for event planners is to adapt the plan of a conference event and consider changes questioning all participants’ expectations.


Find Very Good Speakers  

The mistaken perception that an expert in his field is necessarily an interesting speaker often leads to one-way dry presentations. Experts tend to expose too much detail, thus losing their audience.

To remedy this situation, consider sending a survey to your audience if you already know it. This will help your expert to build a better presentation according to prior knowledge and ideas shared by its target audience.

A conference must offer to its audience something that an article cannot. It involves real-time and direct contact with other human beings. The speaker must, therefore, take advantage of this rare and precious occasion to interact significantly with his audience.

Feel free to ask to see the material of your speaker in advance to avoid subjecting your participants to long text blocks or else, with too sharp a vocabulary. Encourage the use of clear and short presentations. People came to listen, not to read.

Find the Perfect Formula for Your Speaker 

Finding the ideal vehicle for the speaker to diffuse his content will allow him to do so in a more engaging and interesting way. There are many more formats than you can imagine. Here are some for you!


These conferences limit the presentation time of the speaker (for example, 10 minutes). They can be done with or without visual support. If the speaker wishes to have a visual support, it is recommended to prepare it without words, only with images.  This format encourages the speaker to explain his point of view while getting rid of superfluous information to better sustain the public’s attention.

Silent Discos

More expensive, this format allows several speakers to talk at the same time, in the same room. Delegates wear a wireless headset with different channels and can choose the speaker they want.  This approach allows delegates to only listen to something that interests them. However, speakers must wear sound blockers to avoid being distracted by their counterparts. Participants are encouraged to silence, showing their appreciation only by discreet applause.

World Café

This format is simple, effective and flexible while facilitating the dialogues in large groups. The process begins with the first round of discussion at each participant table, according to a question asked by the host.

At the end of each round of discussion (limited time), each guest of each table moves to a new table to repeat the exercise with other participants on a different topic. Once the course is complete, the key points of each table are presented to the entire group for a final collective discussion.


There are so many different ways to change your conference program! Don’t be afraid to think outside the box!


Find the Perfect Match Between Entertainment and Education

 Event companies must keep in mind that participants want fun while educating themselves and networking. Thus, they must find the right balance between these two big ideas and ensure that the proposed entertainment syncs well with the event’s program.

Propose an icebreaker activity where each participant is given a list of questions in its roundel. This list encourages the discussion with other guests on topics related to the conference to stimulate networking. Those who answered each question by always questioning a new participant can deliver their cardboard as an entry to a draw. For example, prices could be gifts from sponsors!

Propose a More Flexible Schedule

Avoid at all costs too rigid schedules. Provide rather different ways for your participants to structure their day according to their individual needs.

For example, you could provide blocks of free time and install a discussion counter in the break area. Ask your speakers to come after their presentation to interact with participants who do not wish to ask their questions before all.

To conclude, there are several ways for a conference event to meet the current trends. The secret is to know how to dare!


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