The 2019 Event Trends That Can’t Be Ignored

2019 is already well started and we notice that the event industry becomes increasingly multigenerational, with a growing number of millennials joining its ranks. In order to have a beautiful year and ensure the satisfaction of a wide range of delegates, here is an analysis of the trends to follow for the management of events up to their expectations.



Every year, too many events make the mistake of positioning themselves as innovative, without being so. Delegates are no fools, they see it. If your event mimics the success of the competition, it isn’t innovation.

In short, establish your own identity and describe your event with accuracy.

To create an authentic event, event companies must clearly define their objectives. This implies to have accurate decision-making at each step of the organizational process. Do the subjects of your conferences and workshops reflect the big idea of your event? Do your topics resonate with your target audience? Did you choose sponsors according to your values?

You can also focus on local products and the discovery of unique places to offer a real taste of the selected region for your event.


Less Talking, More Practice!

In 2019, traditional conferences remain popular and important, but it is fundamental to vary its content. Workshops have gained popularity thanks to their versatile formula. Indeed, they favour short speeches while combined with engaging activities that allow the members of the audience to learn for themselves how to apply their new knowledge. As a bonus, they promote networking. Think about it!



Durability is not a new concept, but more and more citizens are aware of climate change. They want to reduce its devastating effects. With savvy consumers, a growing number of brands wanting to respect the environment and planners more and more focused on ethics, durability must, more than never, be rooted in the planning and the execution of events.

Reduce your carbon footprint by making simple choices, but which will have an important impact.

Choose a place that takes its environmental responsibilities seriously and do not hesitate to inform your guests. Find out about sites holding eco-responsibility certifications.

Choose an event app instead of a printed program and opt for green transportation. Encourage the use of public transports or bicycles.

Food waste is also a real scourge. Communicate upstream your exact number of delegates and analyze your previous events in order to determine the ideal quantity of food that will bring you closer to the “zero waste” goal. Do you have leftovers? Why not give them to a local organization helping people in need? Once again, communicate this information to your delegates.


More and More Precise Data

The digital transfer of a growing number of companies gave rise to a need for responsibility, tangibility, and profitability for each dollar invested in the event.

To meet these growing demands, new technologies have emerged. For example, “smart carpets” create interesting opportunities for event planners. They can recognize and predict the activity occurring on their surface and thus, allow the collect and a highly precise data analysis. The data collected by these carpets will facilitate your future sponsor researches by providing them with specific arguments.


Use Chatbots Efficiently

With the increasing popularity of Google Home and other similar programs, event customers are more inclined to use such technologies.

Do not hesitate to use a chatbot to respond to frequently asked questions such as those on the schedule of the participants, on the subjects of the speakers, the location of the bathrooms, and much more! While helping participants, this tool can save a lot of time to the on-site event organizers.

Smart chatbots can even customize messages and provide push notifications to improve the participant’s experience. They can notably warn your delegates on the rooms or schedule changes. Chatbots also allow the implementation of a registration process easier for all.



While health and fitness gurus are becoming more and more famous on Instagram and YouTube, and applications promote the welfare grow at an exponential rate, health plays a key role in 2019.

To follow this wave, events must adopt a healthier pace, giving more time for participants to reflect and relax between different activities, for example, or including seminars and discussions on mental health or life-work balance.

Choose a healthy menu. This will help the concentration of your delegates.

Feel free to organize some outside activities. There is nothing more depressing for a participant than being close-up in a hotel conference center basement without window while they are aware of being in a beautiful place and not being able to visit.

A rest area can also be beneficial. The decoration of this area should invite to relax and prohibit the use of cell phones. Workers in need of concentration will appreciate it.


An “Instagram” Attraction

We found a growing popularity of dazzling and interactive visual elements in the domain. Guests are looking for special opportunities to relay attractive photos on their social media.

Do not hesitate to use cool neon signs, walls of colourful balloons, photo booths, graffiti walls, or else, special food stand, for example, a self-service liquid nitrogen ice cream stand.

These decorative elements will help strengthen the commitment of the visitors.

Don’t forget to ask for your participants’ comments after each and every one of your events. It is by analyzing this data that we can constantly improve and adjust the event creation.


Let’s talk about it in 2020!


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